Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cyclocross Thoughts

I refuse to race at the Washington County Fairgrounds next year if they run the course though the rodeo arena again. Pass. I only do about 2/3 of the races so if I am going to miss some, that will surely be one of the them. I see no reason to run my bike and myself through bull crap (literally) again.

My Tuesday commute was great. I pounded the pavement on my way home and felt strong. Then Wednesday I hurt my back, fairly bad. It felt like someone was pushing their knuckles into the middle of my back. Same thing this morning. So I didn't ride yesterday night, nor today. But this evening things feel quite a bit better. I give a big thumbs up to Excedrin Back and Body for helping me out. Performance has been giving them out for free with some of the ship to store orders and often people just leave them. I grabbed a sample and I was mightily impressed with how quickly it went to work. Much better than Advil. So I think I will be able to race down in Eugene this Saturday.

We are supposed to get some more rain so Saturday's race ought to be much different from my last race down there. I am excited to see how things go. Muddy races have not been as common as one would think here in the Northwest. I will be racing Master C's again. I won my other race down there. But then there were only three other racers...

Circle P has been a nuthouse this week. It certainly has been entertaining.

The following link must be followed. Like Mr. Packfodder, I was rolling--nearly crying--when I read one poor guy's story about shaving a little too much.


And finally, I would like to wish Fish the best of luck down in Arizona. He will be doing his first Ironman. Good job! You have done all the hard work already. He is the Diesel after all.


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Mr. Flynn said...

Exercise equipment spam? I don't think I was talking about elliptical trainers or searching for new ways to get exercise. Randomness.