Friday, November 14, 2008

Lulled into complacency

I rode to work Tuesday in the rain. Then I rode home Tuesday night in the rain. Then I rode to work on Wednesday in the wind and rain--a horrible combo by the way. Then Wednesday night I called Bridget to come get me because it was just nuts out there with the wind, rain and darkness. Even Spears called to tell me not to ride home. I appreciate the concern by the way. But the fact is I was dressed for the weather and the rides were not too bad. Tuesday night was actually some what enjoyable at times despite the rain.

On Thursday I rode to work and I saw the sun. It was relatively warm. Halfway to work I was removing the sleeves off my jacket (removable sleeves are great) and taking my cap off to keep me from overheating. It was a great ride in. Fast forward to night time when we closed shop. I had my P.I. bib knickers on which were perfect for the mid-50 degree temp on the way in. Especially with the sun shining. But when the temp was in the low 40's and dark the knickers were not enough. My full fingered gloves were not enough either. Freezing. Freakin' freezing cold on the way home. Sure my core was relatively warm and my feet because I had my shoe covers on, but my limbs, hands, face, and ears were not happy. And why? Because I packed light because it was so nice when I left the house at 10:30AM. At 8PM, clear and cold it was.

So in order to stay warm I rode hard. But the bad thing about riding hard is that you go fast. So the air when I was riding on the flats or down a hill was often below freezing when you figure the wind chill factor. Yeah, not enjoyable. So I lived and learned.

Another mistake. I stopped at a taco truck on the way home and had a couple of carnitas tacos. Ohh soo good, especially when I was starving. But I cooled down enough to make the next two miles especially miserable until I got to the hilly home stretch where at least my body's core warmed up again. Next time I will skip the tacos no matter how good they are.

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Stephanie said...

Those taco truck tacos are delcioso!