Monday, March 17, 2008

Training Update: A Little Worried

I have been training a bit, but not as much as I need to be. I am not feeling the love today. I just feel tired and out of shape. I am way heavier than I should be, my eating habits are crap, I could go on and on...

But I am pretty sure I could do the swim as of right now. Other than the panic that will set in from being in open water. I need to be consistent with these next 10-12 weeks for sure with everything else. I have had a hard time fitting in long bike rides. Most of them have been about an hour. It seems like every time I want to go on a long one the weather turns to crap. I really don't do long rides in the rain. I will commute in the rain if I need to, but longer than that--nope.

My running is slow. I am trying to up the miles I can run at one time. Today I ran 5 miles plus a bit extra on cool down and warm up. I can't run much more than that without it hurting. It doesn't hurt aerobically, it hurts my hip and lower back. I am not sure what to do about it. I just have to take it easy and hope that I can keep it together for the next few months. It may be that during Vikingman I will just have to suffer durring the half-marathon portion. Probably a lot of suffering. I just hope it goes better than last years Spudman. That story has long been played out, but I don't have a bar exam this year, nor another appendix that could burst, so if I can stave off the broncitis I should be ok. I hope.

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