Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finally, a sunny day

What a great day for a ride. When I left this morning it was pretty cold, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I rode for as long as I had time prior to work--an hour and 45 minutes. Training plan called for 2 hours plus an hour swim. However, there wasn't anywhere I could swim prior to work so I missed out. Frankly, it was probably a good thing. Swimming for an hour, riding for 2 hours and then working for 9 hours at the shop on a Saturday would have been a little much. It was pretty busy today there.

Anyway, I feel good. No significant back or hip pain, and while I am more tired than I should be, I feel good.

Also, I gotta write about the deal of the day. I had picked up a saddle for the Fuji a bit ago, a stupid Forte knock-off of the Selle San Marco Aspide, which is my current favorite saddle for regular riding. It is thin and light and, for some reason, it is more comfortable than other more padded saddles for me. Normally, this saddle has a retail of $149, but sells at our shop for around $110. Performance has a policy that they will match any ones price. I was cruising google at work for a customer for info on another saddle and I came across a site blowing out the Aspide for $75. As an employee I get an extra 10% off the best price that Performance will sell for, or 30% off retail whichever is less. So I got the saddle for $67.50. I also returned the Forte Aspide knock-off saddle (which was ridden once, but they also have a liberal return policy, especially on saddles) for $39.99 and so I only had to pay an extra 27 or so bucks to get a sweet saddle. Another employee saw what I did, and he bought the remaining two of those saddles that we had in stock himself. Sometimes, Performance is alright.

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