Friday, March 21, 2008

Sick, but moving on

Got a cold, but after two days off from training to get better, I needed to get back to it. I feel pretty good--good enough to run for a bit anyway. Ran around the neighborhood. For some reason I seemed to pick all the hilly roads and trails. Still it was good to be outside and to be able to run without pain. Well almost without pain. I still have just the slightest twinge in my lower back right now, 15 minutes after I finished. But during the run, the only pain was from being out of shape.

I have an exact training plan now (too bad I missed 2 of the first four days of it because of the cold) and I have it set out 4 weeks. I could go longer, all the way to the Vikingman, but things happen so in a couple weeks I will see if I need to switch when I do certain workouts in order to do everything thing else I have going on right now.

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