Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Long Layoff

It has been a bit since I have done much riding. Snow. More Snow. Christmas. Lots of family in town. Lots of other things going on. Basically way too many excuses and way too little motivation.

I did ride to work today. Man, the roads are still crap. Lots of gravel on the side of the road made riding sketchy at times with road tires. And then between a strong head wind and little riding for 3 weeks made it a harder commute than I had thought. I swear that that 16 tooth cog on the Voodoo got smaller. I felt like I was running a 14 instead. Geesh.

I also have not had the motivation to post much here. Nothing really to write about really. I could write how I don't have the funds to register for a triathlon that I have promised to enter. Or about how I have little motivation to do much training right now. But those are downer subjects. No one really wants to read that stuff.

I remember being in a funk last year at this time, too. Part of it is that the future is somewhat foggy--or certainly foggier than I would prefer. Professionally, I would like to get to a particular goal. But, I am uncertain of the route to get there. Very uncertain. But I need to get there sooner than later so that we can get out of the hole we are in. It would be nice to be able to pay on all of my school loans instead of deferring them. I have half of them that I can no longer defer which means this year is going to be really tight.

What I need is continual positive feedback. I need to figure out how to take my mental anxiety which at times paralyzing, and turn it into energy that propels me to succeed. If anyone out there has experience starting a solo law practice with practially nothing in the bank--please let me know. We will have about 4 to 5 thousand to get us going. Very little overhead, but my biggest worry is where to get clients. Seriously. Where to put the precious little money we will have to good use. I need to talk to some folks around here that have done it. No need to re-invent the wheel if someone else has some helpful hints.

Anyway, these are some of the things I am mulling over. Usually I mull them over to the point where I can't sleep. That is where my iPod comes in. I can usually fall asleep somewhat quickly if I am listening to one of several podcasts that I subscribe to. If it weren't for those podcasts I would have some serious bags under my eyes.

In happier news, we have a crew going to the Cyclocross Nationals in Bend, Oregon in December of 2009. My family is going, Packfodder Jim, his wife and daughter are coming, Dave/DTP has said he is in and Brianero may be there for a night too. A couple of others have been invited and there is still room for a couple (or even more if you don't mind sleeping bags). We are going to be staying at my in-laws' home in Black Butte Ranch. Four bedrooms plus a queen size hideabed means there is room for 10 if not more. I am thinking of making Dave/DTP sleep one of the two twin beds in the room that some of the kids will sleep in. Why? Because the thought of that makes me laugh. The hot tub will be stellar after each day of racing. Yep, if I can hold on to my sanity this year those 5 days, four nights in Black Butte should be a heck of a lot of fun.

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