Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because Brianero asked for it, another Foodie Post.

Brianero likes my food posts, so here is something on the opposite end of the food spectrum.

Today was a banner day. It has to be the first time since moving to Portland that I cooked up a can of Spam. I sliced it and fried it up for some good breakfast eatin'. Spam and toast is what it was. I ran out of time before Ryan had to go to school to do Spam 'n eggs.

Bridget won't touch the stuff. The smell alone is something that she frowns upon. 3 year old Jack had no interest either. I feel pity for them. But Ryan, my Kindergartener, and I love it. He ate more today than I did. He ate it for breakfast and then he ate it for lunch. I bet he would have eaten it for dinner to if Bridget had let him.

The way I prefer my Spam is fried. I love how it gets all crispy on the outside. And if you cut it to just the right thickness and get the perfect ratio of crispy to juicy it is even better. The tastiness of properly fried Spam really just provides more support for my theory that proper preparation and cooking of any dead animal will result in the meat being crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. If it is good enough for the likes of El Goucho, Mr. Morten and even Colonel Sanders it is good enough for me.

And Spam....seriously I don't know why people don't like it. Spam has helped keep American strong during times of strife. Would we have been on the winning side of World War II without Spam? I don't know, but Spam was one of the main staples of our soldiers. If we could win World War II on a diet of Spam, it is good enough for me for the occassional breakfast. I support Spam and all of its salty chopped hammy/porkiness. Long live Spam!


Brianero said...

Well, you didn't let me down here, Dev. Surely everyone has had a brush with the great, jiggly, gelatinous molded spongy ham that isn't ham - Spam! I wonder what the current lip and a*hole proportion is to genuine meat? Whatever the case, it's pretty fantastic the places to which a metric ton of salt and spices can take otherwise inedibles.

Mom used to make spam on occasion growing up and I do fondly remember pancake and spam sandwiches. Or sizzling over the campfire at Redfish Lake in the Idaho Sawtooths. Memories...and only memories because I wouldn't touch the stuff in my current health maven incarnation.

Mr. Flynn said...

You know if there is a high lip and a-hole ratio in spam--it sure doesn't seem to dimenish the end result. Maybe more things out to have more lips and a-holes in it.

Think of the advertising campaigns that could use this tag line if we all just embraced that fact if true.

"It's true! No pinching here! We have squeezed even more Sphincter into [Pick your favorite processed meat]! Taste the full rich flavor of [your favorite processed meat] with even more USDA Select brown-eye cut beef/pork/chicken."

Oh yeah.

Stephanie said...

One of the first times I went grocery shopping in Maui I happened upon a mother and daughter loading up their cart with so much spam you would have thought there was a massive hurricane coming and that no food would be incoming or outgoing for the next month. I tried to stifle my laughter as I walked on past, but averting the eyes was a little more difficult.

Not that there is ANYthing wrong with that. I'm all for food storage. But I had heard how they loved their spam there, so when on a first shopping adventure I managed to find such support for that theory, it was hard not to laugh.

As for the ratio of crispy to juicy, I agree completey. When I was little there was just nothing like that carmalized outside and juicy when you bite into the inside.

These days, however, you would have to pay me to eat it...or I'd have to be starving. SIIICK!

Morkthefied said...

Spam is a Hawaiian favorite. We fry it up and put it in our Ramen, along with some chopped green onions, and then we call it Saimin (a Hawaiian favorite). We have it every Sunday after church. It's good eats.