Saturday, December 13, 2008

Twas the night before Psycho Cross...

Twas the night before the Psycho Cross Race
My heart beat excitedly, a grin on my face

Tubulars were glued with the utmost tender care
Swiss Stop yellow rat brake pads slow me whilst I am there.
Carbon rims washed clean of P.I.R. soil
and a steel frame instead of aluminum foil.

My gear bag was packed to bursting I willingly ceded
Pearl Izumi bibs of various lengths are just what I needed.
My Craft Prozero long sleeve was folded and stashed
and a Giro Pneumo helmet to save my melon if bashed.

I starred out the window watching the sky.
Would racing be good with snow in my eye?
I hoped for some white 'cause it was the season.
But please not too much, let's keep it within reason.

My Civic, my sleigh awaited outside
in it 106 horses to give me a ride.
Two bikes would be going, the both treasures of steel
Master C and Singlespeed races, the pain will be real.

No matter the placement, the misery is fun
even if my wife thinks I am especially dumb.
I will return home, happy, tired and worn
to see my three boys, one recently born.

Here is to having a great safe final race at Psycho Cross #5. Post race update either late tomorrow or Monday.