Monday, December 8, 2008

Psycho Cross #5: Preview

Weather forecast for Eugene is...

Epic. I seriously am so flipping excited that I am almost giddy. I have never done a cross race in snow. And I am planning on doing the Master C race and the Singlespeed race an hour after the end of the prior race. I must be a masochist.


jimmy said...

I don't want you racin' a S3 Curtlo, I don't want you getting SLX carbon wheels, I don't want you getting Rhino's. I want you riding a lead pipe bike with garbage can lids for wheels. I've enough guys kicking my ass, without adding you to the list!
Just sayin'

Mr. Flynn said...

Dear Jimmy,

I am beating you then you have more to worry about than what I am riding. And who said I was getting any SLX carbon wheels? Shhh...I am just getting cheap Performance wheels and putting faux carbon stickers on it and then followed by some Easton Decals. I'm just trying to psyche you guys out to think I am fast. Seriously, I am not.

Whoops, did I just admit to that in print? Oh well, the cat is out of the bag--I am slow, but I am doing my best to buy some speed.

Sal Collura said...

Snow is the great equalizer.
Equipment won't matter.
Guts will.

Mr. Flynn said...

yep. I am bring the $550 singlespeed bike down there. I can bash it guilt-free!