Saturday, December 6, 2008

In Brief: USGP Day One, OBRA C Race

Very Cold at Eight
Legs Rubba from my single
Thirty-Seventh, meh

More details tomorrow after Day Two, but I will briefly explain the above Haiku. Start time was 8 am and it was around the freezing point. I was at the race site prior to sunrise "warming up". This week I had rode my Voodoo singlespeed all week and my legs were not used to it. They felt like lead anytime I tried to push it. It was annoying. I ended up 37th out of 85 finishers in C/Beginner Class. I doubt there were too many Beginners in that field. There were a lot of guys from out of state, probably half my class. I had hoped to be in the top 1/4, but at least I was in the top half.


Riding half the race with the left arm of my front brake rubbing against the wheel. That sucked.

Knowing that we were supposed to race for 30 minutes and figuring that because our laps were taking about 10 minutes each that I would do 3 laps. Because of this I gave it all I had that 3rd lap. Umm, no, apparently they decided the race was 40 minutes long and I had yet another lap to do. Did I mention my legs were toasted? Yeah, the first half of that last lap sucked.

Dropping a load in the Port-o-potty only to have what felt like a tidal wave of that feces and urine infested P-o-p juice splash nearly all of my backside. Yeah, that was awesome. There was some sanitary soap in there so needless to say I put a bunch of it on some toilet paper and tried to cleanse myself as best I could. I wanted to go home then and there and take a shower. But, being the guy I am, I pulled up my P.I. knickers and concentrated on the positive--that from here on anything brown on my backside would be soil as in mud and not soiled as in, well, you get the point by now.


Riding over a guy's rear wheel that fell right in front of me in a grassy turn. That was sort of cool.

Riding up all of the slippery climbs that others around me had issues with occasionally.

Not having any back pain.

Racing. Love it even when I am hatin' it.


GenghisKhan said...

Hey, enjoyed the race ups and downs--did you race SS or geared?
Ride One or Ride None

Mr. Flynn said...

geared. Ups and downs were very cool.