Sunday, February 10, 2008


This bike is really made from bull horns and bamboo. It really works and is very rideable. Maybe not safe...

This is a classy dame here.

Innovative way to solve the long wheel base issue with 29ers. Crazy seat tube.

If nothing else, I know they spent a lot of change on the paint. The bike may ride like crap, but no one will notice.

John Castellano and his sub 22 lbs full sussy 29er.

This Bruce Gordon bike was "Best of Show" for me. You had to see it to fully appreciate it. Plus that color always gets me if nothing else.

Steve Garro / Coconino. Really nice guy. If I only could buy a bike from everyone I wanted too...

Sweetpea. Natalie may be making a frame for Bridget soon. I was very impressed with her and her work. Local to Portland, too.

This is for Fish.

Go anywhere bike. Dirt, sand, snow, whatever.

Pegoretti. . . yum

Someday I will get my fix for a Jones bike satisfied. Someday....

Ventana makes some mean aluminum frames. This cross bike really made me drool, which is saying a lot since I am not a big aluminum fan with regard to cross frames. Color was my current fave and really nice classic look geometry-wise.

This Speedvagen by Sacha White at Vanilla is my dream cross bike. Sooo fast. Sooo light. Sooo steel. This, however, is a road bike. My pic of the cross bike was kinda fuzzy, too bad.

This bike frame is by Delta 7. The design came originally from guys at BYU. It can be yours for $5,995 frame only.

You need to be pretty freaking good to ride this bike and not look funny.

Yes, it is a bike frame made from wood and carbon. . .really.

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