Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bulging Discs, Wussing out, My Wife, My Mother-in-Law, & My Sister--all in one post!

I have a sweet bulging disc in my lower spine right now. Love it. I was going to go on a nice 2 to 3 hour ride tomorrow, but I have been told that will not be an option. I am supposed to have 5 pain free days before I can ride or run. No biking because of the position I have to be in. No running because of the pounding. Swimming is Ok. So I will be swimming when I have time this week. Walking is good too, but that is freaking boring.

I am going to start riding with some older guys. I know one of them through church. You know the guys that have a bit of money so they buy themselves a Colnago C 50. They don't own that type of bike because it is the best, but because it shows status. They have arrived.

I don't doubt that this fellow in particular, named Bob, can ride. I am sure of it. He will shame me. I was actually happy I rated high enough to get invited to ride with him. Now I have to call him and tell him I can't ride because of my back. Seems like a weak excuse to me. But if I ride I am going to have too people really pissed at me; my wife and my mother-in-law. My wife because she will think that I am not taking care of myself and my mother-in-law because she will think that I am not ignoring her advice as my physical therapist. My mother-in-law is a physical therapist so she knows what she is talking about. And because my wife is a blabber mouth (I mean this only in the best of ways, honey) she will tell her mother if I am being a good patient. I would go if I could. I feel only a little bit of pain right now--and with the whether finally decent I am feeling pretty itchy.

So my youngest sister is going to compete in a sprint triathlon next month. She seems to be swimming well, and running is going ok for her finally. But she is going to use a 1982 Peugeot Road bike in the triathlon. And she can barely ride. Oh, the tragedy. A sister of mine not being able to ride a bike sad. Hopefully she can remedy this and become nearly as addicted as I. I doubt that will happen though. She sort of uses the shotgun method with respect to activities. A little ballroom dance here, triathlons here, snowboarding (recent concussion), and now I read that she wants to compete in a some sort of ice skating thing-ama-bob. This is in addition to the same sort of deal with respect to musical instruments, it is always something new.

Nothing wrong with this multi-tasking approach to sports, I just seem to like my ruts. I love em actually. I felt daring when I went for 29ers, or singlespeeds, or 1x9 in cross. No chance of ice skating here. Very little chance anyone is going to get me snowboarding again either. I am sticking to what I know best, sports with at least some pedalling involved.


Stephanie said...

Hey, I did ballroom for 2 years and I'm competing at nationals this year too. March 13-15. Shot gun approach to many things...maybe so, but I like to taste a wide variety of flavors. And not all instruments have come and gone. My problem is that I take on too much at once. I always try to do everything...NOW. Anyway, eventually i'll get around to more shot gun events I'm sure. As for cycling, I hope to become comfortable one day with riding. Then we'll see from there.

Mr. Flynn said...

I am happy you can do it, but all your stuff just makes me tired thinking about it. But maybe that is because I am married with kids. I couldn't even think about 1/3 of what you have going on.