Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dylan's New Frame

Dylan, who is on our little Buttercup team, has a new frame coming from Cernitz. It is very, very, very nice.

It is built with a mix of steel tubing from Columbus and True Temper. The lugs are slightly customized. The rear brake cable will route through the top of the seattube lug. Neil, the builder, did not just drill a hole in the lug to do this. Instead he brazed in a small stainless steel eyelet with will allow the cable to slide through much easier and provide more durabilty than would be there otherwise.

Dylan will be using a Ritchey WCS seatpost that will also be drilled to allow the cable to pierce it. In otherwords, the bike has to be fit fairly exactly.

The frame weight is about 3.7 lbs. This is pretty darn good for a steel frame, let alone a lugged one.

The frame fabrication and paint was all done by one man, Neil Cernitz. Pricing for a basic frame from him starts about about $1000. This frame would cost a bit more obviously with the multicolor paint and other modifications.

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Cernitz is a title sponsor of our team this year.

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