Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday Lunch Time Ride #2

Today's riders were Brianero, his brother Ward, Marcello (aka Speedy, as Jimbo calls him) and myself bringing up the rear.

Brian and his brother are both great riders. Brianero is a Master A cyclocross racer, and his brother is at least on the road his equal. Marcelo is the #1 ranked sprint distance triathlete in the Northwest. He is tall and lanky. He just seems to glide up hills. He seemed to be able to pick it up and put some distance on us at will. It was kind of amazing actually. I would be struggling to keep touch with the rest and it looked Marcelo looked effortless. sigh...

I brought along my Garmin 500. Near the end of the ride, Brian would ask what our elevation gain was. I would tell him, he would doubt the accurracy of both the elevation gain and the distance ridden. And then he would guide us to the nearest hill that he could torture us with to up the elevation total some more. Thankfully, it is a lunchtime ride and there is only about an hour that we can ride.

Here are some snips of the data from the Garmin:

These rides ought to make a difference come fall I think. They hurt.


Brianero said...

That jag coming up through PCC looks impressive. I've done repeats through there before, but I've never ridden through there during class changeover like we did. Let's try and avoid that next time. As for your charts - lies, all lies. Ok, not really, but it is disheartening to find that we cover such little distance on our rides. Glad you guys could come! Maybe we've started a nice day Tuesday or Thursday tradition.

Brianero said...

BTW, why not publish the HR tab next time too?

Mr. Flynn said...

I didn't buy the hr/cadence package so there isn't that info available. I have a polar unit that I have used in the past but it doesn't sync up w/ the garmin. Maybe in the near future though. It would be nice to see what the hr was on any particular climb