Monday, December 17, 2007

Jealousy is a bad thing

I am very happy with my stable of bikes. I could get by with what I have and be able to ride mountain, road, cross, and Tri's not just passably, but well. All of the bikes are great performing rides. It could be argued that there is a glaring hole in the stable because of the lack of a geared mtb, but I really like my rigid singlespeed. It this point in my life it works for me--makes me excited to ride.

Anyway, I am always--regardless of my lack of need for a new bike--searching for the next cool thing. It is a problem, just ask my wife.

I really have been craving something classy, maybe with lugs. Then Fish goes and has an absolute stunner of bike built. Actually it is not finished yet, but it is obvious that it will be. Check it out at

I am pretty jealous over that bike. I don't like that. I have never wanted a bike Fish had so badly. I mean, I would like to have any number of bikes that he has in his basement. Thankfully they are for the most part too small for me. Otherwise, I would be pestering him more.

It brings back memories of what could have been if I had gone ahead with the Vanilla a couple of years ago. Painful it is now to realize I could have had such a bike now from Sacha. I realize that I don't need a bike like that, yet I long to have something built for me that expresses my ultimate vision of style and substance in bicycle. I think now it would be something cyclocross related, maybe monstercross--cyclocross geometry with 29er tire compatibility. Not sure if it would be disc brake or not. Probably not. I like the retro coolness of canti's on a cross bike. Disc's would make more sense for Oregon though.

Whatever, I don't even have a job yet. But it is fun to think about. With the waitlists that exists for these premiere builders, I might as well get on a waitlist now. But who....

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